Citizenship revoked on Mahdi Hashi for ‘extremism.

Mr Hashi, from Camden, is currently thought to be in a jail in East Africa. Family and friends of Mahdi Hashi, 23, from Camden, claim the government acted because he had refused to become an informant for the security services. Continue reading

UK: Theresa May strips British passport from Muslim care worker who refused to join MI5.

Mahdi Hashi – who MI5 once tried to recruit as a spy – has been deprived of his British passport, denied access to consular assistance and may never return to Britain. He is thought to be being held in an African prison. Continue reading

Assessing Turkey’s Role in Somalia.

Turkey is the newest country to intervene in Somalia and its involvement has produced some positive results. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s courageous visit to Mogadishu in August 2011 at the height of the famine and his decision to open an embassy gave fresh impetus to efforts to establish lasting peace. Continue reading

Minneapolis: A look at Minneapolis’ terror-related trial.

THE DEFENDANT: Mahamud Said Omar, 46, of Minneapolis, goes on trial Monday on five terrorism-related counts as part of the federal government‘s long-running investigation of American Somalis recruited to fight with al-Shabab, a U.S.-designated terror group waging attacks in Somalia. Continue reading

California man behind anti-Muslim film jailed over probation.

An Egyptian-American man behind an anti-Islam film that has stoked violent protests across the Muslim world was arrested on Thursday in California for allegedly violating his probation, and a federal judge ordered him jailed without bond. Continue reading

Somalia al-Shabab armoury ‘destroyed in Kismayo’.

Kenya‘s military says its jets have bombed the airport in the Somali city of Kismayo, destroying an armoury and warehouse used by Islamist militants. Continue reading

Madaxweyne Xasan Sh. Maxamud oo lumiyay fursadii ugu horeysay ee Siyaasadeed.

Dad badan ayaa ku farxay kadib markii ay maqleen in madaxweyne Xasan Sheikh Maxamuud uu diiday in uu ka qeyb galo shirka guud ee Qaramada Midoobay oo sanadkiiba bishan oo kale ay iskugu yimaadaan madaxweynayasha Aduunka. (ARIMAHA SIYAASADDA) Continue reading

Gunmen have shot dead a member of Somalia’s new parliament in an attack in the capital Mogadishu.

Gunmen have shot dead a member of Somalia‘s new parliament in an attack in the capital Mogadishu. Mustafa Haji Mohamed was gunned down after leaving a mosque in the southern Waberi district following evening prayers, witnesses said. Continue reading

Jeddah: Woman kills her Somali husband.


JEDDAH – Jeddah Police have arrested a Somali woman for allegedly stabbing her husband to death. The woman allegedly fled the scene after the crime. Continue reading

Somalis make a twitter election connection.

“Somalia” became an international trending topic on twitter as news hungry members of the diaspora exchanged analysis. Although he was thousands of miles away, UK-based Somali journalist Hamza Mohamed was still able to witness and follow his country’s presidential candidates deliver their speeches in front of parliament with a few clicks of his mouse. Continue reading

Madaxweyne Xasan Sheikh Maxamuud, Gudoomiyaha Baarlamanka iyo Sheikh Shariif oo kulan wada qaatay.

Magaalada Muqdisho ayaa waxaa xalay kulan ku yeshay Madaxweynaha cusub ee Soomaaliya Prof. Xasan Sheikh Maxamuud, Madaxweynihii hore ee Soomaaliya Shariif Sheikh Axamed  iyo Guddoomiyaha Baarlamaaanka Soomaaliya Prof. Maxamed Sheikh Cusmaan Jawaari. HOOS KA DAAWO SAWIRRADA Continue reading

UK Prime Minister statement following election of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud in Somalia.

“This is a significant moment for Somalia, and an important step towards a renewed political process.” Prime Minister David Cameron has made a statement following the election of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud in Somalia. Continue reading

Madaxweynihii hore Sh. Shariif oo ka guuraya magaalada Muqdisho iyo meelaha uu casuumadda ka heysto.

Madaxweynihii hore ee Soomaaliya Shariif Sh. Axmed ayaa warar aad loogu kalsoon yahay waxaa ay sheegayaan in dhowaan boorsooyinkiisa uu ka qaadan doono magaalada Muqdisho isaga iyo laba ka mid ah xaasaskiisa afarta ah. Continue reading

Somalia’s Parliament elected a new president.

MOGADISHU, SomaliaSomalia‘s Parliament elected a new president of the country’s fledgling government Monday, a move that members of the international community say is a key step toward the east African nation’s transition from a war-torn failed state to a nation with an effective government. Continue reading

UNPOS: Somalia’s Most Qualified Parliament.

Mogadishu – There is an air of excitement as we draw closer to one of the most important dates in the history of Somali politics. Despite the many challenges leading up to the end of the transitional period, there is great pleasure in knowing that the legislative arm of Somalia’s new government sits many of the country’s most highly qualified people. Continue reading

Minnesota: Somali Danes seek American spirit.

MINNEAPOLIS — A delegation of six young Somali Danes, two Swedes and one Norwegian visited the American city of Minneapolis last week to break bread with their Somali immigrant counterparts and learn how this city has integrated them into civic and economic life. Minneapolis boasts the largest Somali population outside of Africa and became a haven for them when the country broke into civil war in the early 1990s. Continue reading

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