Jeddah: Woman kills her Somali husband.


JEDDAH – Jeddah Police have arrested a Somali woman for allegedly stabbing her husband to death. The woman allegedly fled the scene after the crime. Continue reading

Ongeri reveals intrigues behind Somalia’s assassination plot.

Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Ongeri has for the first time revealed the power struggles in Somalia that led to last week’s attempted assassination of President-elect Hassan Sheikh Mahmud.WATCH VIDEO CLIP. Continue reading

Somalis make a twitter election connection.

“Somalia” became an international trending topic on twitter as news hungry members of the diaspora exchanged analysis. Although he was thousands of miles away, UK-based Somali journalist Hamza Mohamed was still able to witness and follow his country’s presidential candidates deliver their speeches in front of parliament with a few clicks of his mouse. Continue reading

Two days into job, Somali president survives attacks.

MOGADISHU – Islamist suicide bombers attacked the hotel where Somalia‘s president was giving a news conference on Wednesday, killing eight people and sending reporters diving for cover. SEE MORE PICTURES INSIDE Continue reading

UK Prime Minister statement following election of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud in Somalia.

“This is a significant moment for Somalia, and an important step towards a renewed political process.” Prime Minister David Cameron has made a statement following the election of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud in Somalia. Continue reading

UN chief Ban Ki-moon welcomes new Somali President.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today welcomed the selection of a new president for Somalia, the final step in the war-torn East African nation’s political transition process. Continue reading

Somalia’s Parliament elected a new president.

MOGADISHU, SomaliaSomalia‘s Parliament elected a new president of the country’s fledgling government Monday, a move that members of the international community say is a key step toward the east African nation’s transition from a war-torn failed state to a nation with an effective government. Continue reading

UNPOS: Somalia’s Most Qualified Parliament.

Mogadishu – There is an air of excitement as we draw closer to one of the most important dates in the history of Somali politics. Despite the many challenges leading up to the end of the transitional period, there is great pleasure in knowing that the legislative arm of Somalia’s new government sits many of the country’s most highly qualified people. Continue reading

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