Citizenship revoked on Mahdi Hashi for ‘extremism.

Mr Hashi, from Camden, is currently thought to be in a jail in East Africa. Family and friends of Mahdi Hashi, 23, from Camden, claim the government acted because he had refused to become an informant for the security services. Continue reading

UK: Theresa May strips British passport from Muslim care worker who refused to join MI5.

Mahdi Hashi – who MI5 once tried to recruit as a spy – has been deprived of his British passport, denied access to consular assistance and may never return to Britain. He is thought to be being held in an African prison. Continue reading

Somalia al-Shabab armoury ‘destroyed in Kismayo’.

Kenya‘s military says its jets have bombed the airport in the Somali city of Kismayo, destroying an armoury and warehouse used by Islamist militants. Continue reading

Ohio mall terrorism defendant facing deportation.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Federal authorities are preparing to deport a Somali immigrant who federal prosecutors say plotted to attack an Ohio shopping mall. Nuradin Abdi completed his prison sentence last month and is in federal custody in Louisiana while final preparations are made to return him to Somalia. Continue reading

Madaxweyne Xasan Sh. Maxamud oo lumiyay fursadii ugu horeysay ee Siyaasadeed.

Dad badan ayaa ku farxay kadib markii ay maqleen in madaxweyne Xasan Sheikh Maxamuud uu diiday in uu ka qeyb galo shirka guud ee Qaramada Midoobay oo sanadkiiba bishan oo kale ay iskugu yimaadaan madaxweynayasha Aduunka. (ARIMAHA SIYAASADDA) Continue reading

Gunmen have shot dead a member of Somalia’s new parliament in an attack in the capital Mogadishu.

Gunmen have shot dead a member of Somalia‘s new parliament in an attack in the capital Mogadishu. Mustafa Haji Mohamed was gunned down after leaving a mosque in the southern Waberi district following evening prayers, witnesses said. Continue reading

Jeddah: Woman kills her Somali husband.


JEDDAH – Jeddah Police have arrested a Somali woman for allegedly stabbing her husband to death. The woman allegedly fled the scene after the crime. Continue reading

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