Madaxweyne Faramaajo oo qorsheenayo in Gaashaanle Sare Mire Axmed Mataan uu u magacaabo Taliyaha Ciidanka Booliska Soomaaliya.

War ay baahiyeen Ilo lagu kalsoon yahay ayaa sheegaya in Madaxweyne Maxamed Cabdulaahi Faramaajo uu qorsheenayo in Gaashaanle Sare Mire Axmed Mataan uu u magacaabo Taliyaha Ciidanka Booliska Soomaaliya.

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Somalia may resume domestic services in Jun-2020.

Somali government announced on Thursday that domestic flights which were suspended due to COVID-19 pandemic will resume operations on June 8, Trend reports citing Xinhua.

7 Kenyans Stuck in Somalia Over COVID19 Sue Their Government.

A group of 7 Kenyan contractors who had been stationed at Kismayu, Somalia before the order to have the border shut indefinitely have their government for being locked down in Somalia.

UN warns of looming humanitarian crisis in Somalia.

The UN on Tuesday called on the international community to help Somalia avert a major humanitarian crisis due to the combined effect of devastating floods, desert locusts and the widespread impact of Covid-19.

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Somalia announces 66 more Covid-19 cases, 19 recoveries, no deaths

Somalia has announced 66 new Covid-19 cases and 19 recoveries from the deadly disease. No death was recorded.

This brings the total number of cases to 2,089 and the recovered patients to 380. The death toll stands at 79.

The cases are from Banadir, 33, the breakaway region of Somaliland, 26, Puntland regional state, 7.

Fourty two of the new cases are male while 24 are female.

President Farmajo’s Allies Register New Political Party Ahead of General Elections.

The current government formation has taken a bold move to register a new political party on whose platform they will contest re-election.

Although it is not known whether President Farmajo and his PM Hassan Khaire will once again be on the same side, deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Mohamed Guled will be the chairman of the party.

National Independent Electoral Commission (NIEC) will the coming days expected to give interim registration to the party.

There have been talks that PM Khaire could seek an attempt for the top job and has already activated an elaborate network to help him campaign.

Insiders say the new party could adopt the name Peace and Life.

Puntland President Says He Will Not Accept the 4.5 Power Sharing Deal As He Was Not Consulted

Puntland state president Said Abdullahi Deni has called for a consensus over the 2020/2021 power-sharing to avert conflicts.

President Dani who spoke on Monday night said the 4.5 power-sharing deal was against the constitution and that Puntland would not accept the arrangement.

“The members of the commission who are entrusted with the task are those who have been empowered by power-sharing in 4.5 clans based system and we are warning the tribal system should not be constitutional,” said the president.

He called for a political agreement before intervening into the electoral process, to prevent conflicts.

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