Boko Haram Pledges Allegiance to ISIS.

Boko Haram’s leader Abubakar Shekau.jpg1The Leader of Boko Haram Pledged his Group’s Allegiance to ISIS in an Audio Recording

ISIS apparently gained a major foothold in Nigeria as Boko Haram’s leader Abubakar Shekau pledged allegiance to the terrorist organization in a audio recording.

Shekau said his group would “obey” the terrorists of ISIS.

ISIS’s influence only continues to spread, as it now controls parts of Syria, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, and Nigeria.

Boko Haram regularly terrorize Nigeria, as four bomb blasts killed 50 people in a small town today, a far too regular occurrence. The jihadist group has been waging a six-year military campaign in the northern areas of the nation.

Source:            Konduga

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