‘Notorious’ Somali pirate arrested in sting after being lured to Belgium to take up film offer.

Mohamed-Abdi-HassanOne of the masterminds behind the Somalian piracy operation has been arrested after being lured to Belgium in a sting operation.

Mohamed Abdi Hassan, aka Afwayne, was given a bogus invite to take part in a movie project on high-seas crime.

Instead of signing a contract as an expert adviser in the documentary project, he was arrested at Brussels international airport and immediately put behind bars.

Federal prosecutor Johan Delmulle said that Abdi Hassan was charged with the hijacking and kidnapping of the Belgian ship Pompei and its crew of nine in 2009 and participating in a criminal organisation. An alleged accomplice was also arrested.

The United Nations has called Abdi Hassan “one of the most notorious and influential leaders” of a major Somali pirate organisation.

Source: Evening Standard

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