Somalia Sends First-Ever Ambassador to South Africa.

sayid-sharifFor the first time ever, Somalia has sent an ambassador to South Africa, the continent’s economic powerhouse. New Ambassador Sayid Sheriff said he’s optimistic about planting Somalia’s diplomatic flag after decades of instability, and said he plans to reach out to the thousands of Somali refugees living in South Africa. South African President Jacob Zuma said his nation also plans to embark on ambitious projects to help the Horn of Africa nation get back on its feet after decades of war. Continue reading

Somali Foreign Minister hails Somalia-China relations.

Somali-Foreign-Minister-Fowsiyo-Yusuf-Haji-AdanSomalia’s Foreign Minister Fowsiyo Yussuf Haji Adan highly regards relations between the troubled Horn of African country and China dating back to the 1960s. Continue reading

Somali leader wins new boost with high-profile EU visit.

EU-SOMALIASomalian President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud speaks during a press conference with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Washington, DC, on January 17, 2013. Somalia took a fresh step in its return to the international fold Wednesday with a high-profile EU visit by its leader that comes days after finally winning US recognition. Continue reading


eu-somalia1Madaxweynaha Soomaaliya Xasan Sh. Maxamud iyo wafdi uu gogaaminayay ayaa gaaray maagalada Brussels ee xarunta dalka Belgium, halkaas oo si weyn loogu soo dhaweeyay, iyadoo Midowga Yurubna ay aqoonsadeen dowladda Soomaaliya. HOOS KA DAAWO VIDEO-GA. Continue reading

Siilaanyo: Dowladda Soomaaliya Nama Xukunto.

siilaanyoMadaxweynaha Soomaaliland, Axmed Maxamed Siilaanyo ayaa ka hadlay aqoonsiga Maraykanku uu siiyay dowladda Soomaaliya, isagoo sheegay in aysan taasi khuseyn Soomaaliland, sidoo kalena aysan dowladda Soomaaliya xukumin ama wakiil ka ahayn Soomaaliland. HOOS KA DHAGEYSO WAREYSIGA Continue reading

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