Somali Journalist sent to Prison Without Charges.

somali journalistsSomali journalist, who has been in detention since January 10, for allegedly interviewing a woman who said that she had been raped by the members of the security forces, was sent to jail without charges, the National Union of Somali Journalists said today.

On Saturday morning, 26 January, 2013, it was expected the hearing of the case of the Somali journalist, Abdiasis Abdinur Ibrahim (Koronto) to take place, but the hearing was delayed for the second time to unspecified date, according to the Somali Attorney General, Dr. Abdulkadir Mohamed Muse who spoke with the media.

According to the Attorney General, the journalist is accused for the rape story interview published on Aljazeera English on January 6 in which he allegedly interviewed a woman who said that she has been raped, calling the case “rape case”. The Somali attorney general emphasized that the matter in concern is the integrity of the Somali police and the credibility of the Somali government, adding that the journalist Abdiasis Koronto will be sent to jail until his case be brought to court, though he did not set for specified date for the hearing.

The lawyer of the journalist, Prof. Mohamed Afrah said that “The case has been highly politicized, adding that to interview a rape victim is not crime.”. Prof. Afrah added that he has enough supporting documents to defend the journalist in court.”

Speaking to local Media, Prof. Afrah said that he had difficulties to access his clients at the CID, which questions the nature in which the case has been handled.

The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) is concerned about politicizing the case of the journalist and criminalizing the rape interviews and calls for the federal government of Somalia to release the journalist.

“Somali journalists are very disappointed about the too many delays of the court hearing and the involvement of the higher level government officials to the case which puts doubt of how fair enough justice be served to the journalist.” Mohamed Ibrahim, Secretary General of the National Union of Somali Journalists said, “Somali journalists braved too many dangers, including killings, assassinations, death threats, arbitrary arrests and still continue to serve the Somali citizens and have the rights to get proper protection in their basic freedoms such as the freedom of expression and the freedom of the press.”

The journalist is accused of interviewing a woman, who alleged being raped by state security forces. The interview has not been published on any media outlet. At the same time, the Somali Police claims that this journalist is the author of a reportage that appeared on Al Jazeera/Universal TV. The police searched Abdulasis’s home twice, took his laptop and digital voice recorder.<END>


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