4 Ugandan army helicopters go missing.

Emergency teams searched for two Ugandan army helicopters feared to have crashed in thick forest in Kenya while flying to Somalia to support forces fighting insurgents there, officials said.

Seven Ugandan servicemen aboard a third helicopter which had gone missing during the same mission were rescued, Kenyan army spokesman Bogita Ongeri said.

“One of the missing helicopters has been located. It had seven people on board. Only one of them sustained slight injuries,” Mr Ongeri said

He said the pilot had managed to make an emergency landing in the central Mount Kenya region and radioed for help.

However, nothing has been heard from two other helicopters – Russian-made Mi-24 helicopter gunships like the one that was located – which are believed to have either crashed or crash-landed in the same thickly forested region.

A Mi-17 transport helicopter which had taken off from Uganda on Sunday as part of the same mission, landed without problems in the eastern Kenyan town of Garissa near the Somali border for a scheduled refueling stop.

The Russian-made Mi-24 is used as an attack helicopter but can also carry up to eight passengers.

The area were the aircraft are feared to have come down is mountainous terrain dominated by snowcapped Mount Kenya, Africa’s second highest peak at 17,057 feet.

Wild animals including elephants, leopard and rhino prowl the forests, about 70 miles north of the capital Nairobi.

Source: The Telegraph

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