Somali Military & AU Forces take control of Bal’ad district.

Somali National forces backed by the African union peacekeeping soldiers have on this morning taken control Bal’ad district and Golaley environ in middle Shabelle region and pushed Al-qaeda linked group of Al-Shabab.

General Ali Araye Osoble, one of army chief commanders confirmed Radio Mogadishu that joint forces have completely captured Bal’ad district and Golaley area in the middle Shabelle region this morning and he added they are forces are carrying out investigation into those areas. READ SOMALI & SEE PICTURES

The military official also noted that joint forces advanced to remote environs far from Bal’ad district in middle Shabelle region without any more resistance from Al-Qaeda affiliate group, Al-Shabab.

National forces backed by the African union peacekeeping forces have recently taken control Afgoye city, which was one of Al-Qaeda’s main strong-hold in lower Shabelle southern Somalia and this is part of speedy military progress by the Somali government forces and AU.

On the other hand Amison issued today a press release regarding to capture of Bal’ad and it said: The Somali National Forces supported by African Union troops in Somalia have this morning secured Balad town from the Al‐ Qaeda backed terror group the Al‐Shabaab.

Situated 30kms north of Mogadishu, Balad is an area rich in farmland and a bread‐basket for most of Somalia. Securing Balad allows the local population in this important farming region to build their livelihoods free from extortion of money which Al‐Shabaab used to fund their daily terror activities against the Somali people.

Speaking about the importance of Balad town the AMISOM Deputy Force Commander Brigadier General Audace Nduwumunsi said: “The Al‐Shabaab were using Balad to launch attacks on Mogadishu. Now that it is liberated, the city of Mogadishu will be much secure from terrorist activities”.

Balad is a key strategic town and its loss is an enormous setback for Al‐Shabaab, being the gateway connecting Mogadishu to central Somalia regions as well as the Puntland regions. It is 50kms from Jowhar, the provincial town of Middle Shabelle region.

Last week Somali leaders agreed to the country’s draft transitional federal constitution and emphasized the principles of ending the transition by August this year. The Al‐Qaeda backed terror group has in recent months lost most strategic towns in both south and central regions of the country.

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