10 Somali Businessmen Killed in South Africa.

Cape Town — Armed South African Gangs have deliberately killed 10 Somali businessmen in the past five days after robbing their shopping centers in across that country, reports said.

Several Somali immigrants living inSouth Africa confirmed to Shabelle Media the killings, saying that they were very concerned about the deliberately killing against Somalis in South Africain recent weeks.

The latest reports from South Africa say that most of the Somali youngsters in country had decided to leave and go back home after failing to endure further the endless deadly attacks against them by South African armed gangs who also accustomed to loot properties owned by Somalis.

Somali community leaders in South Africasay they informed security agencies to protect and stop attacks against the innocent Somali immigrants living from corner to corner in that country.

“We reported to the national security agencies ofSouth Africaabout this to stop such cruel actions against Somali people, but yet the government has so far promised it would tighten the security of Somali immigrants,” a Somali businessman told Shabelle Media through telephone, on condition of anonymity, because of his security.

It was two weeks ago when at least 20 shopping centers belonging to Somalis were looted by South African armed groups. The police assured Somalis only t save their lives instead their properties.

Source: Allafrica

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