Hope of a new dawn in Somalia as hundreds flee Islamists’ ranks.

The last time a headless body was kicked out of a pick-up truck and dumped in the dirt in front of Fatima Ali’s roadside shop, she was so used to it that she didn’t bother to find out who it was. Continue reading

Turkey takes lead in rebuilding Somalia.

Istanbul: When delegates from 57 nations gathered in Istanbul in May to discuss bringing peace and stability to Somalia, one country’s efforts got special attention: Turkey. Continue reading

Why Kismayu is the war trophy.

When the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) made an incursion into Somalia last October, Al-Shabaab spokesman Ali Mohamud Rage told the BBC. “Kenya doesn’t know war. We know war. We have fought against governments older and stronger than Kenya and we have defeated them”. Continue reading

Wasiirkii Amniga dalka Kenya iyo ku-xigeenkiisa oo ku geeriyooday shil diyaaradeed.

Wasiirka amniga dalka Kenya Prof. George Saitoti iyo ku-xigeenkiisa Orwa Ojode iyo afar kale ayaa maanta ku dhintay shil diyaarad Helicopter ah oo ka dhacay duleedka magaalada Nairobi ee caasimadda dalka Kenya. Continue reading

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