Madaxda Siyaasadda iyo Dhaqanka GalMudug oo taageeray Shirka Istanbul, iskana fogeeyay diidmadii Madaxweyne Caalin.


Halkaan ka akhri Continue reading

4 police wounded in Liboi Al-Shabab attack.

Four police officers were shot and seriously wounded on Wednesday when attackers believed to be Al-Shabab ambushed them at the Kenya-Somalia border town of Liboi.

The officers had been on a night patrol and were attacked as they returned to their camp, police said. Continue reading

Canada: A young Somali immigrant is helping Edmonton youth build brighter futures.

The Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers honoured Abdulrashid Ali with a RISE Youth Achievement Award Tuesday for his tireless volunteer work with local kids.

Ali learned English and started his education in Grade 4 at Balwin School after coming to Canada from a Kenya refugee camp in 2005 with his mother and three siblings. Continue reading

Seeing the majesty in Somalia’s history.

Funky dancing in a seaside bar, Vespa scooters on broad boulevards: the images of a lost Somalia are at odds with a place better known for war.
Those who dare to visit contemporary Mogadishu, often dubbed the world’s most dangerous capital, catch only a glimpse of its vanished beauty in the bullet-scarred wasteland devastated by more than two decades of civil war. Continue reading

Somalia discusses its future in Istanbul Turkey.

The Istanbul Conference on Somalia, under the theme “Preparing Somalia’s Future: Goals for 2015,” opens tomorrow with the participation of heads of state and representatives from more than 50 countries, and international organizations in cooperation with the United Nations. The conference will end on June 1. Continue reading

Secret ‘Kill List’ Proves a Test of Obama’s Principles and Will.

President Obama, overseeing the regular Tuesday counterterrorism meeting of two dozen security officials in the White House Situation Room, took a moment to study the faces. It was Jan. 19, 2010, the end of a first year in office punctuated by terrorist plots and culminating in a brush with catastrophe over Detroit on Christmas Day, a reminder that a successful attack could derail his presidency. Yet he faced adversaries without uniforms, often indistinguishable from the civilians around them. Continue reading

Roadside bomb in Somalia’s Puntland kills 6.

At least six people, including three civilians, were killed Wednesday in northern Somalia‘s Puntland region when a roadside bomb exploded as security forces tried to defuse it.

“Three members of the security forces and three civilians were killed in the explosion,” said security official Mahdi Abdulahi. Continue reading

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