Swiss student Terror suspect arrested in Kenya.

Halkaan ka akhri


Majd N. called yesterday from Kenya. The high school student wants to be a terrorist and is homesick for Biel.

To 13.42 clock rang yesterday on the phone VIEW editors. A number of Kenyan code appears on the display. “Hello, this is Majd,” says a fine male voice. “I’ve learned from my parents that I was supposed to be a terrorist,” he says. “But that’s not true. I am innocent. “

Majd N. * (19) is the Bieler Gymi student who disappeared just over a year ago. Friends searched in vain for the devout Muslim. A week ago, appeared on Majd again in Kenya! The anti-terrorist special unit of the police seized the young man from the West Bank (reported GLANCE) on.

“Terrorists have kidnapped me “I wanted to make there only two weeks vacation to visit friends,” says Majd N. on the phone. Who, exactly, he does not want to reveal. But he has an explanation for his sudden disappearance. “I had family and health problems,” he says. “Even with my girlfriend, a Muslim woman went, it was not good. Her brother wanted to kill me. “

And the story gets even more absurd. “Terrorists have kidnapped me,” Bieler says the high school student. Eleven months have taken the hostages. “I was always in Kenya. Once I was imprisoned for three months alone in a room. I was sick, had cholera and malaria. “A ransom demand had not alleged kidnappers. But what they wanted from him? “That I know not. They eventually realized that it does not help me and set free. “

By contrast, the version of the Kenyan police. According to travel documents is Majd N. on 23 February 2011 entered the country with a visa by the end of April 2011. But still the high school student. The suspicion: Majd N. to the border have crossed into Somalia and the Somali “Mujahideen Youth” connected. And then be returned to recruit foreigners for jihad.

“I’m not in jail,” says Majd N. “I am in the authorities. I cooperate, tell you what I know. More I can not say. “His home he misses. “I want to go back to Switzerland soon and go back to school.” Known name *

Somali language: Wiil dhalinyaro ah oo asal ahaa kasoo jeeda wadanka Maroko oo ka tagay dalka Switzerland oo lagu xiray Kenya iyo muran arinkaasi kataagan.

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