Canadian program funds training for Somalis.

undefinedHalkaan ka akhri

40 young Somali men have a diploma and a new trade thanks to a Canadian-funded training program in Galkayo, Somalia. The program, taught at Galkayo Education Centre for Peace and Development, trained the men in welding or carpentry during a six month vocational course.

It is a huge opportunity for 18-year old classmates Abdi Abdullahi and Abdullkadir Yakub. They have the potential to become breadwinners for their entire families.

“Before I got this chance, I was jobless, I didn’t have the skills to work,” Abdi Abdullahi said. “Now I hope to be able to support my family.”

The graduates are among Puntland province’s more than 142,000 internally displaced people (IDP‘s). They fled more perilous, unstable parts of Somalia, where hunger and violence are prevalent. Much of the East African country is considered a failed state, without a functioning government for two decades.

Puntland has been an autonomous state within Somalia. It is located between the breakaway state of Somaliland to the north and the rest of Somalia to the south. This arid region is also a hub for piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden, to the north.

Galkayo lies on Puntland’s southern border.

Source: CBC


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