Somali rapper K’naan makes songs in the key of love.

undefinedHalkaan ka akhri

His name means “traveler” and Somali-born poet, rapper and musician K’naan has certainly come a long way.

The hip-hop sensation, who’s been compared by critics to both reggae hero Bob Marley and rap star Eminem, fled war-torn Somalia as a teenager to eventually settle down with his family in Canada.

Strongly influenced by his native country, his socially conscious lyrics stem from life as a refugee and memories of civil war. Yet, the talented rhymesmith says today that he is more interested in emotional journeys, penning songs about the battles of the heart instead of street ones.

“In some ways, love can be harder than war — it’s a very difficult thing when human beings acknowledge their vulnerability,” he says.

“War has a way of making life painfully factual and love has a way of making life completely painfully dreamy, and I wanted to try to be honest about where I’m at in life,” adds K’naan, whose latest album, “Country, God or the Girl” is expected to be released early next month. READ MORE ABOUT THIS

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