AMISOM Hospital Treats Injured Al-Shabaab Fighters.

Halkaan ka akhri

An injured al Shabaab fighter who surrendered to AMISOM forces two days ago is currently receiving treatment at the AMISOM’s Level Two Hospital at Halane base. The fighter surrendered to the Ugandan contingent on Saturday afternoon following a failed attack on AMISOM positions at Ex-Control Balaad.

“The militant was injured in the leg,” said Lt Col Peter Omola, the Second in Command of Uganda’s Battle Group Nine. “He hid till the afternoon when he came out seeking for help,” he added. The fighter was then rushed to the hospital at the AMISOM base.

The AMISOM Force Commander, Maj Gen Fred Mugisha, appealed to the al Shabaab to lay down their arms and join the peace process.

“The people of Somalia have recently made substantial progress in reconciling communities and beginning to rebuild the institutions of their shattered state,” he said, warning that those who continued to kill innocent women and children would be held to account for their crimes.

In August last year, AMISOM forces forced the al Shabaab to withdraw from Mogadishu and the mission is now expanding to areas outside of the city. Somali leaders have taken advantage of the improved security in the capital to reach an agreement on the peace process and the reconstitution of the Somali state.

In September 2011 they adopted a Roadmap to ending the transition. Two sessions of the National Consultative Constitutional Conference held in the Puntland capital, Garowe, have since established a framework for the adoption of a provisional constitution as well as for the creation of federal units in liberated areas.

Last month, the UN Security Council passed a resolution raising the AMISOM troop ceiling to 17,731 and allowing for the integration of Kenyan forces.

Source: Amisom Press & Information Unit

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