15 Puntland soldiers killed at Sugare town fighting

Halkaan ka akhri

Garowe — As the fighting between Puntland state forces and fighters loyal to a prominent cleric against Farole regime intensified in northern Bosaso town, the spokesman of Sheik Atom claimed victory over the latest battles in the region.

A spokesman for Sheik Sa’eed Atom fighters whose name has only released Ali told the Media that his armed militias have killed more than 15 Puntland soldiers in heavy attacks at Sugare area, small town north of the coastal town of Bosaso in northern Somalia.

The spokesman also noted that they have burnt a number of battle wagons belonging to Puntland army during the attacks on bases at Sugare village on the outer edge of Bosaso town, vowing to wage attacks and blasts against Puntland forces in every area in the region.

The area which is a mountainous land is now under the control of Sheik sa’eed Atom fighters, according to reports.

Puntland state of Somalia is still remained silent to comment about the claim so far.

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