British will extend more support to Somalia.

Halkaan ka akhri

British will extend more support to Somalia, an official said.

Mr Andrew Mitchell, the UK International Development Secretary, said while on a visit to Garowe, the capital of the semi-autonomous state of Puntland, that conditions in Somalia ought to be changed by tackling the causes of the current problems.

Prior to moving to Garowe, about 1,000km north of Mogadishu on Monday, Mr Mitchell had visited Gedo region in Southern Somalia.

“Britain will increase its own aid efforts focused on the underlying issues affecting the region over the next three years,” stated Mr Mitchell.

The British-supported aid programmes will include more police training, a stronger judicial system and youth employment.

Britain, said Mr Mitchell, envisaged to double its contribution towards the resolution of the internal hostilities in Somalia as well as the strengthening of the police force.

“Alongside this, support for job creation and economic development will also double, creating 45,000 jobs across Somalia by 2015,” indicated the UK Secretary.

Britain will provide resources to be used for the collection of weapons from private hands, an exercise envisaged to benefit 3.4 million people.

British Prime Minister David Cameron, is expected to hold a conference in London on February 23 on how the international community might support progress towards peace and stability in Somalia.

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