Al-Shabaab release photos of abducted Kenyans

Halkaan ka akhri

Al Shabaab militia have released photos on the Twitter website claiming to be a District Registrar of Persons and a District Officerwho were abducted last week after a raid at the Administration Police camp, Wajir.

The local district registrar of persons, District Officer and two APs were reported missing during the attack that occurred on Wednesday last week. HERE IS SOME OF THE PICTURES

The militants invaded Gerille town near the Kenya-Somalia border just before 7pm and bombed the Administration Police camp, according to a security source in Wajir.

North Eastern deputy Provincial Commissioner Wenslas Ongayo said the militants attacked the AP line with hand held grenades.

“They raided the centre at about 6.45pm as locals thronged the mosque and other centres for evening prayers while the registration officers were distributing IDs,” said Mr Ongayo.

Last week, media reports quoted the militants warning that they would continue to raid towns inside Kenyan territory and carry out killings and abductions. HERE IS SOME OF THE PICTURES

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