Somali students in Turkey to get better education.


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Somali Minister of Education & Culture Ahmed Aydiid Ibrahim also came to Istanbul together with those 309 Somali children.

A group of Somali students has arrived in Istanbul after winning scholarship in Turkey.

Ibrahim said at the airport that they were gratitude to Turkish people and state for giving a helping hand to Somali people.

Earlier, Turkish charity organizations “Kimse Yok Mu” and “Nil Organization” launched a campaign and provided 309 Somali students including 60 female students with scholarship in seven different provinces in Turkey.

One of the female students, Nesra al-Hussein, said that she wanted to be a doctor to help her people.

“Donations in Turkey nears 500 mln TL”

Meanwhile, Turkish people have so far collected a total of 498.1 million Turkish liras in donations for Somalia, the Turkish Prime Ministry Disaster & Emergency Management Directorate (AFAD) announced on Tuesday.

As of 5.00 p.m. today, AFAD has collected 107.5 million TL and Turkish Religious Affairs Authority has collected 198 million TL, as 192.6 million TL has been collected in several other campaigns launched across the country, AFAD said.

Turkey has recently initiated a country-wide aid campaign to help Somalia. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited Mogadishu and several refugee camps in the country, pledging more aid in cash and infrastructure.

Turkey has so far sent 9 planes and 7 ships of humanitarian relief supplies to famine-stricken Somalia.

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