Two Ugandan army officers die in Somalia.

undefinedHalkaan ka akhri

A UPDF officer was last week killed by falling debris as he drove a tank through a building during clashes with Somali insurgents. Lt. Kabutu Mugisha, from Isingiro District, was hit on the head by rubble as Ugandan soldiers fought to flush the al-Shabaab out of a building.

The army spokesperson, Lt. Col Felix Kulayigye, confirmed the death but said he had not received details on what exactly happened. Lt. Mugisha, from the armoured brigade, was buried on Saturday.

A few pockets of al-Shabaab fighters under the command of Dahir Aweys remained in the district of Karaan to stop advancing peacekeepers after the radical Islamist group withdrew from Mogadishu.

According to military sources, the heavy concrete fell on top of the tank and hit him from inside the armoured fighting vehicle.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, al-Shabaab insurgents detonated a bomb near at the offices of the United Nations Mine Action Service in Mogadishu City, killing a Ugandan army Captain.

The Ugandan army has not yet revealed the name of the fallen officer.

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