Family in shock after 55-year-old man shot dead.

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Family and friends gathered in the lobby of a North York apartment building Monday to mourn the loss of 55-year-old Mohamed Wasughe (FLY), who was shot in the chest overnight.

He was battling Alzheimer’s and moved away from his wife and five children a few months ago.

Adel Omar, 23, was in disbelief that someone would murder his father.

“I’m at a loss for words,” Omar told the Star. “We’re just trying to keep the family together. We’re just trying to stay strong.”

All afternoon, members of the Somalian-Canadian community came and went to the building where Wasughe lived alone, hoping to try to find out what happened to their friend.

Police were called to the 12-storey brick building on Sidney Belsey Cres., near Jane St. and Weston Rd., just after midnight Monday.

Police found Wasughe and a woman who was pistol-whipped on the head. Police have not released any details about the woman or her condition.

Wasughe was rushed to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Neighbours said they heard a single shot. There’s a trail of blood on the carpet outside Wasughe’s ninth-floor apartment. Police closed the elevator across the hall and blocked it off with police tape.

Police do not have a suspect description.

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