Venezuela to send $5mn aid to Somalia..

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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez plans to send USD 5 million worth food aid to Somalia, where millions of people are suffering from famine.

Chavez contacted his ministers from Cuba, where he is receiving chemotherapy for cancer treatment, to take urgent action to help the government of Somalia with a USD 5 million pledge, a Press TV correspondent reported on Saturday.

On Wednesday, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called on donor countries to immediately come up with $1.6 billion in aid for two regions in Somalia, which are declared famine zones.

“Nearly half of the population — 3.7 million people — are now in crisis,” said Ban, adding that “This will have an increasingly devastating effect, not only in Somalia but also in neighboring countries.”

“We need donor support to address current needs and prevent a further deterioration of the crisis,” Ban went on to say. “Humanitarian agencies need urgent funding to save lives.”

“If funding is not made available for humanitarian intervention now, the famine is likely to continue and spread,” the UN secretary general added.

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