The Situation of the Somali Refugee’s in Hadarmout.. Mukalla, Yemen.


         undefinedHalkaan ka akhri

Somali refugee‘s situation  in Hadarmout province Mukalla yemen is deteriorating day after day as the country’s situation is worsening nowadays since the people’s uprising is continuing everywhere around the country special here in Mukalla city.

So we as the coordinator of the refugees are facing a lot of fleeing somali refugees from other regions like Teiz, sanaa and elsewhere, although they are combined in to families and many other youth-men and women.

So actually they don’t have any place to settle with their children as a shelter, and they desperate for food and medical relief even you may sometimes come across.

unfortunately someone who is suffering from mentally related illnesses and other shocking conditions.

However, most of these displaced people prefer to return to Somalia from one main reason , that is luck of (UNHCR)presence here and other humanitarian organizations.

All in all, (SRCM)is requesting from anyone who can offer any kind of help for this needy people whether it is shelter , place or medical help, food and other moral reliefs , even those who want to go back to somalia don’t have the ship’s payment and other necessary fees for the documents which allows for them to leave the country freely.

   Mohamed Abdi Nor

Mukalla yemen +967771300712

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