Canadian Somali Congress slams city council.

undefinedHalkaan ka akhri

Ahmed Hussen and Mahamad Accord talk to the media earlier this month.

Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel says he’s deeply concerned about violence against the Somali community, despite claims to the contrary by the head of the Canadian Somali Congress.

Ahmed Hussen says Edmonton’s council isn’t showing its support of anti-crime initiatives.  This is in the wake of the death of  Ahmed Ismail-Sheikh, 25, who on Friday became the fourth Somali to be killed in Edmonton this year.

“With that kind of murder rate, if I was in city administration, I would be issuing instructions that this would be an all hands on deck situation,” says Hussen.  “We just don’t sense that.”

“It’s not as easy as one thinks,” says Mayor Stephen Mandel.  “Hopefully, we can work with the Somali community to see why their community is becoming so much more challenged than other ones.”  Mandel says he has had confidential talks with Police Chief Rod Knecht about the Somali killings.

Hussen wonders why no one from council was there a few weeks ago, when local Somalis and EPS kicked off anti-crime initiatives.  Hussen says one of those initiatives, an anonymous youth hotline, has been getting lots of calls. (jrw)

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