Gabdhaha Soomaaliyeed oo loo hayo Fursado jaamacadeed oo Lacag la’aan ah.

Halkaan ka akhri

Gabdhaha Soomaalida ee ku nool dalka Soomaaliya gudihiisa ayaa loo hayaa fursado Jaamacadeed oo lacag la’aan ah, taas oo diiwaan gelintoodu socoto xilligaan.

Fursaddaan oo ay hindisaheeda lahayd Amanda Lindhaout, isla markaasna ay wada fulinayaan aqoon yahanno Soomaaliyeed oo ay wada kaashanayaan hay’adaha Global EnrichmentFoundation iyo Communiti-ga Soomaalida Canada (Canadian Somali congress) ayay u furan tahay gabar kasta oo Soomaaliyeed uu buuxisa shuruudaha looga baahan yahay dadka loogu tala galay mashruucaan.

Faah faahinta la xiriirta, waxbarashadaan iyo arrimo kale oo badan waxaad kala xiriiri kartaa:  ama, haddii kale booqo, barta ay ku leeyihiin internet-ka ee ama

Halkaan ka dhegayso Amanda oo waraysi ay hore u bixisay uga hadlaysa Waxbarashadaan gabdhaha Soomaaliya loogu deeqayo.

Sidoo kale  Halkaan ka akhri ama ka dhegayso Waraysigii Amanda Lindhaut oo dhamays tiran  oo aan hadda ka hor idiin soo gudbinnay.


SomaliSwiss London

Call for applications to the Somali Women’s Scholarship Program

The Somali Women’s Scholarship Program (SWSP) was created with the knowledge that every Somali woman has the potential to make substantial contributions to the development of Somalia. We aim to supportand encourage the development of leadership qualities by providing full university scholarships to women who are passionate about creating positive, sustainable change in their communities. We ask each applicant to share with us in an essay their grandest vision for the future of Somalia and how, with the education we will fund for her, she will contribute to improving her community and empower other women. To read about a few of our 2010 Inspiring Women click here… With no central government to fund education the SWSP works with private universities across Somalia, all of which operate with a mandate of gender equality.  Full university tuition and fees are funded by the SWSP. In addition, the women are provided with a living allowance which allows them to focus on their studies without the burden of poverty.  Education is a tool to create sustainable change in Somalia, a means for women to transform themselves and their communities. It paves the way for a generation of female leaders to hope, dream and take their rightful role in the development of their country.


 For only $1,000 a year you can become the sponsor of an extraordinary Somali woman. In addition to her university education, your donation will provide her with books, pens and pencils, as well as a monthly living allowance.  You will become part of her support network and watch as she fulfills her dream of becoming a community leader.  After you Adopt-A-Student you will receive a package in the mail introducing you to your student with instructions

on how we can facilitate correspondence.  Your donation can be made all at once or in easy monthly payments. When donating, just include a note that you’d like to Adopt-A-Student.

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