New Ethiopian ambassador welcomed in Mogadishu.

Halkaan ka akhri

The newly appointed Ethiopian ambassador to Somalia, Abdi Aziz Ahmed, was welcomed in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, on Thursday. The welcome ceremony was held at the compound of the Ethiopian embassy with Somali government ministers and lawmakers in attendance.

Director General of the Somali Foreign Ministry, Abdi Dahir, speaking at the ceremony, said the Somali government was very grateful to Ethiopia for its constant efforts to help Somalia recover from conflicts and get back on its feet.

He said that Somalia was very much interested in promoting good ties with the world and in particular the neighboring countries, adding that the launching of diplomatic missions in Mogadishu by the neighboring states is encouraging the rest of the world to establish diplomatic missions in Somalia.

Somali Youth, Sport and Labor Minister Abdi Nur Moalim said the bilateral relationship between Somalia and Ethiopia was at its highest point. “A proverb says a friend indeed is a friend in need, so the Somali people will never forget the helpful hand by Ethiopia while we are in such terrible experience,” the minister said.

The ambassador, who is from the ethnic Somali inhabited region in eastern Ethiopia, thanked the Somali government and people for the good welcome, saying that while in Mogadishu he believes he is in his homeland and that will help him accomplish his duties well.

Ethiopia is one of the very few African and Asian countries with embassies in Somalia. Others include India, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Egypt and Djibouti.

The Ethiopian embassy is located in the heavily guarded area of the city near the presidential palace.

Source: AHN

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