Al-Shabaab Displays the Body of AU Soldiers.

Halkaan ka akhri

Al-Shabaab movement, which the United States alleges to be al Qaeda‘s proxy in Somalia, on Thursday afternoon, displayed an AU soldier in northern Mogadishu after heavy fighting with Somali government African Union peacekeepers.

Ali Mohamoud Rage, the spokesman of Al-Shabaab fighters told reporters that the AMISOM soldier was killed in fighting on Thursday morning with what dubbed to be African crusaders and the forces of apostate government.

Rage said that killed soldier was one AMISOM military officials, adding that they have documents showing that.

For his part, Paddy Akunda, the spokesman of AMSIOM forces admitted that one of their officials killed and three others injured during Thursday battle.

He said it is deplorable a body of someone dead to be dragged in the streets.

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