Halkaan ka akhri

The current leadership in Somalia must be replaced as planned in Djibouti 2 years ago. The bloated parliament must be reduced to a controllable size(190) ten from each of th

e eighteen pre-civil war regions and ten extra for the Capital city that brings everyone armed or non armed, ”noble” or peasant to the table and acknowledging each other as compatriots and citizens of Somalia.

The Somali parliament is a joke, they hold press conferences in hotels and side streets and have shown behaviors not even seen in pre-school children. There should be standards set to become a member of parliament of Somalia; education, experiences in civilian & military of Somalia proper, business leadership and other experiences must be prerogative.  This leadership (The President, Prime Minister and Speaker of Parliament have shown no vision to end the violence nor did they come up with a concrete and creative ways to deal with the Islamic extremism of   Al -Shabaab who have called them and the rest of moderate Muslims in Somalia apostates if they did not adhere to their draconian way of interpretation of the Holy Quran; by disregarding the rich tradition of Islamic scholarship that shaped the four traditional schools of Sunni fellowship which had promoted justice and moderation in Muslim societies for centuries.

The TFG’s total disregard for public property, creating and going into secretive deals and agreements without transparency makes them unworthy of the positions they hold and  does not help Somalia to shed off the title of the most” corrupted nation on earth”.  Add this to abuse of power by stopping members of the parliament to travel freely as stipulated in the transitional Federal Charter which they have been part and parcel and to make matters worse withholding the parliamentary stipend using banking and finance adminstrative technicalities.

Unilateral extension of the timeline in election by any branch  of Government is tantamount to the perils of dictatorships. Democracy in all its forms advocate elections even if the ground realities do not extend free and fair election of one person one vote including the Diaspora population of Somalia which is 1 in 10 Somali living abroad in host countries around the world. The TFG’s  delay to engage with the other regions of the country has brought further fragmentation of the country by the creation of the tribal based region states within the state.  This mayhem needs to stop before we go to the sub- sub clan region states.  A good transition plan for good governance and business continuity  is to replace the president and the speaker in August 2011 as planned. The new government must start giving out national picture ID cards to citizens and start counting the registering people in the areas they control. Parliament must stand for election not selection within 2 years.

May God help Somalia save from its self destruction and further chaos and show the righteous way to live with each other as well as with its neighbors as community holding the ropes of their faith.
Thanks and Best Regards.
Source: Somali American Peace Development Group Editorial
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