Uganda to send new commander to Somalia.

Halkaan ka akhri

The commander of African Union (AU) force in Somalia, Maj. Gen. Nathan Mugisha, will return home at the end of April when his term expires. Gen. Mugisha who has been the third force commander of the AU peacekeepers is going to be replaced by Brig. Fredrick Mugisha from Artillery Division in Masindi.

The army spokesperson, Lt. Col. Felix Kulayigye, said the replacement process is ongoing. “I know he is due for change and we will be seeing him here in May,” he said. He confirmed that Brig. Mugisha’s name has been proposed but said they are having consultations with the AU for approval. “He is not commanding a UPDF mission therefore AU and other stakeholders must approve,” he said.Brig. Mugisha will be the fourth commander of the AU force, deployed in the fragile Horn of Africa nation to support the transitional federal government of President Sheikh Sharif sheikh Ahmed.

Internal changes

In other changes, Col. Paul Lokech will replace Col. Michael Ondonga as the UPDF contingent commander in Somalia. In internal changes, Brig. Patrick Kankiriho has been transferred from 3rd Division in Moroto to the 1st Division based in Kakiri, Wakiso District. He has been replaced by Brig. Burundi Nyamunywanisa who has been the First Division commander. Brig. Kankiriho, who commanded the operation Lightning Thunder in DR Congo in 2008 against the Lords Resistance Army rebels, has been the 3rd Division commander for three years.

In other changes, Capt. Henry Obbo who has been under the directorate of information, is now the new officer in charge of civil-military relations in northern Karamoja while Maj. Matovu will handle southern Karamoja. Col. Kulayigye said the internal changes will take immediate effect.

Source: Daily Monitor

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