Madaxda Xisbiyada mucaaradka dalka Jabuuti oo shaley xabsiga loo taxaabay, xalayna la siidaayay.


Halkaan ka akhri

Ciidanka dowladda Jabuuti ayaa xabsiga u taxaabay Madaxda Axsaabta mucaaradka Jabuuti ee (UAD iyo UMD), shaley 11 03 2011 abaare labadii galabnimo iyo bar 14h30.

Madaxda loo taxaabay jeelka ayaa waxaa kamid ahaa Ismael Guedi Hared  madax dalladda  UAD, Aden Roble awale Madaxa xisbiga PND iyo Mahamed Daoud Shehim Madaxa xisbiga PDD.

Madaxdan ayaa laxiray saacadu marki ay aheyd 14h30 – 11, 03, 2011, waxaana lasoo sii daayay xalay saacadu marki ay aheyd todobada 19:00.

Sidoo kale waxaa xabsiga loo taxaabay qaar badan oo kamid ah taageerayaasha xisbiyadaasi.

Xarigan lagula dhaqaaqay madaxda xisbiyadan iyo taageerayaashooda ayaa waxaa ay yimaadeen kadib markii ay maalmahan olole mudaaharaadyo isdaba joog ah uga sameynayeed gudaha magaalada Jabuuti.

Wareysiyo arrinkaasi la xiriira goor dhow kala soco Shabakadda SomaliSwiss..

Djibouti: Arrest Of Opposition Leaders

Leaders of the Opposition Djibouti (UAD and UMD), just 15 hours to Djibouti, just been arrested in front of the home of Ismail Gedi, by the forces of repression in the service candidate’s illegal, unconstitutional, a member of the transregional mafia.

These illegal arrests show perfectly that elements of security forces have unfortunately turned into a militia in the service of an individual and not the state service;  These security services paid by taxpayers Djiboutian and by contributions from friendly countries, these forces are ready to participate in the electoral coup programmed to Black Friday, 8 April 2011.

Twenty vehicles were mobilized during the arrests.

We expect further information on places of detention illegal and arbitrary worthy of a regime intolerable Thugs, need to combat by all effective means.

These arrests will inevitably create an environment with pre-revolutionary anger of all the risks that may result. The dictatorial regime pushes all the people to revolt, to create fear and establish a curfew, a climate similar to that of Libya, and allow the armored Djiboutians to bomb civilians Balbala and neighborhoods of Djibouti city (…).

Djibouti League of Human Rights (LDDH) Launches Urgent Appeal to International Organizations of Human Rights to strongly condemn all such abuses of authority tends to perpetuate dictatorship unacceptable, taking place under the nose of the Great Powers who claim to be the “gurus” Democracy and the policy mix.

Djibouti League of Human Rights (LDDH) asked the European Union, the United States and all countries and peoples that the Djiboutian people consider to be friends Peoples, suspend, illico all their aid to corrupt regime that s enriches the detriment of our people, LDDH the request to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court opened an investigation into members of the mafia transregional and seize their accounts and their ill-gotten gains spread across several countries in Europe, U.S. and Canada, Uganda, Burundi, Sudan, Ethiopia not to mention South Africa where a weapons factory, belonging mainly to Djibouti, arms intended for illicit sale in Somalia, Eritrea against the Eritrean regime, Yemen, Darfur, and certainly in other areas, but not to the usurper BAGBO of Côte d’Ivoire.

Jean-Paul Noël Abdi

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