Why has the world ignored Wagalla massacre?

Halkaan ka akhri

The big bodies of the world including United Nations, security council, Amnesty international, human rights watch, the ICC and etcetera, who all claim to be advocating for the tragedies around the globe have turned their eyes from the famous Wagalla massacre which has taken place in a place which is roughly some 12km away from Wajir district at North Eastern Province in Kenya on the 10th of February 1984.

In Wagalla massacre over 5,000 innocent civilians only from the dominant tribe in Wajir district [Degodia] were slaughtered by the Kenyan military force under the full order of the then President of Kenya who was also the commander of the Kenyan armed forces Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi on NO authentic grounds, in fact it was only the United nations which has recognized Wagalla massacre as the worst human rights violation in the Kenyan history, but yet has done no tangible reaction to the prove it has stated.

A big disgrace is to the Kenyan government which has for years denied that a massacre took place at somewhere in Wajir district and insisted that only 57 people were killed in a security operation to disarm the [area’s] residents.

It was not until October 2000 that the government publicly acknowledged wrongdoing on the part of security forces.

The Degodia tribe is the biggest Somali community in Kenya and has as well top officials in the Kenyan government who can purse the Wagalla massacre, till the widows and the orphans of Wagalla are compensate.

It was the famous late Ahmed Khalif who was a Degodia Minister in the Kenyan government who was immensely engaged in gaining the compensation of the Wagalla victims, but unfortunately he has died in conspiracy plane tragedy on the 24th of January 2003.

On the commemoration of the 27 year of Wagalla massacre the Kenyan PM Mr. Raila Odinga has instructed the Kenyan Attorney General to immediately open an inquest regarding the Wagalla massacre.

Victims present at commemoration ceremony lamented that the state had not acknowledged the massacre in 27 years.

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