Somalia: Al-Shabab cuts off young man’s hand.

Halkaan ka akhri

MOGADISHU – The Islamist fighters of Al-shabab have cut the hand of young man accused of stealing a gun and weapon from the group in Kismayu, the centre of Lower Jubba region in southern Somalia, witnesses said on Friday.

Locals said that more of Al-shabab fighters had sentenced the man and amputated his hand on Friday afternoon adding that the victim was charged for stealing an AK47, $1000 dollar and 2 million of Somali shillings.

The sentenced man was reportedly called Abdirahman Mohamud Ali, 20, as more officers of Al-shabab fighters attended at the scene where the sentence happened on Friday afternoon.

Hassan Nor Hassan, the officer of Al-shabab fighters in Kismayu town had told the people they would cut hands of three other young men in Kismayu town for coming days.

“They cut the hand off the Youngman. It was his right hand indeed, we were very sorry for that, but we were ordered to come together and watch how the sentence was taking place there,” said one of the residents who declined to be disclosed

Al-shabab fighters often carry out sentences to the people in Kismayu town and the other towns around the region every Friday and accuse for committing actions against the Islamic religion.

Source: Allvoices

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