Court carries out death penalty against soldier.

Halkaan ka akhri

Mogadishu, Somalia – Somalia’s military court has carried out the death penalty against a Somali government soldier found guilty of deliberate killing another soldier, an official said Tuesday.

Nur Ahmed Shire was sentenced to death days ago and the sentence against him has been fulfilled, Hassan Hussein Mungaab, the chairman of Somalia’s military court, announced.

Mungaab said Shire was found guilty of intentionally shooting and killing another soldier, Shafi’i Ahmed Ali, on Nov. 2.

The punishment, which took place at a police center at Mogadishu’s Hamar Jajab district, was carried out by a firing squad.

Afterwards, the chairman of Somalia’s military held a press conference at the center warning transitional government forces against committing meaningless killing.

“If a fighter from Al Shabaab or Hizbul Islam is captured fighting, the military court will carry out capital punishment against the arrested fighter,” he told reporters.

The sentence is the first of its kind for Somalia’s military court since the new government took office late last month.

Source: AHN

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