FIFA: Ban is a Warning to all

Halkaan ka akhri

FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke has served notice that the suspension of six officials from the football governing body including Nigeria’s Amos Adamu is a warning to anyone thinking about breaking the rules that they will be subject to punishment anytime.

According to, the Spain/Portugal joints bid and Qatar’s bid had been accused of trading votes, though a lack of evidence meant that no action was taken against the bidders.

“Am I’m sure that 2018 and 2022 free of any collusion? I can’t answer this question – I don’t vote and I have no idea what the discussions are between various members,” Valcke told reporters.

“As the FIFA president said before, having two World Cup being bid for at same time opened the door to such conversations between executive committee members – particularly as you have eight bids involved who have executive members in the room”.

“I hope that what’s happened here in the last three days shows people should be careful of entering into any situation which is forbidden.”

Fifa president Sepp Blatter is expected to make a statement on Friday, after a meeting with the executive committee.

Adamu, who became the first member in history to be banned for bribery, following a covert investigation by the Sunday Times.

Source:  AfricaNews

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