SD Man Accused In Aiding Terrorists Tells Judge He’s Being Tortured.

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SAN DIEGO — A federal judge denied bail yesterday to one of three San Diego men accused of sending money and other support to the Somalia-based Islamist insurgent group al-Shabab.

Magistrate William Gallo cited safety concerns and the risk that Issa Doreh may flee in denying him bail.

Doreh and two other men — Basaaly Moalin and Mohamed Mohamud are accused of providing material support to al-Shabab and conspiring to kill in a foreign country.

“Those are very serious offenses,” Gallos said. “There is probable cause to believe that you committed these offenses. You and your colleagues considered yourselves to be a part of the fight.”

Meanwhile, Doreh in open court accused jail workers of torturing him. Doreh told the judge the he has been denied food and subject to extreme cold because the air conditioner in his solitary confinement cell had been turned on high.

“I told them I need shelter,” Doreh said. “They told me,`this is what the government wants.’”

Gallo said formal court papers containing Doreh’s complaints need to be filed before he can respond.

“I am not going to shoot from the hip,” Gallo said.

Defense attorney Mahir Sherif, who represents Doreh’s co-defendant Mohamud, says the government wants to break the men.

“Break them mentally so that the government can basically have its way,” Sherif said. “That’s really what it is. They set the agenda.”

Federal prosecutors declined to comment on Doreh’s torture allegations

Source:  kpbs

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