EU diplomat wants international community to help Somalia re-establish peace.

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Grand Bay, Mauritius – The EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Baroness Catherine Ashton, has asked the international community to assist Somalia in re-establishing peace, security and rule of law and to create the conditions for economic growth.

‘However, in the meantime, we cannot ignore the serious problems piracy is causing to stability, security and economic and social development of the region and we must take determined action againsti,’ Ashton told ministers from Eastern and

Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean nations (ESA-IO) attending the second regional ministerial meeting on Piracy and Maritime Security in Grand Bay, northern Mauritius.

She said piracy was an international scourge affecting world shipping and also aid efforts in the region.

Baroness Ashton recalled that the EU was the top donor for development and reconstruction assistance to Somalia with funding amounting to about 200 million euros already in place.

‘The EU rule of law and security programme shows our commitment to contribute to efforts tackling the root causes of piracy on land. It will continue to provide strong support to Somalia – including in Somaliland and Puntland,’ Ashton stated.

But prevention is not enough, she warned, as impunity only encourages criminal activity, before estimating that a sustainable solution requires regional ownership and responsibility.

Source: Afrique en ligne

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