Canadians help teen escape Somalia after torture by insurgents.

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His name is Ismael Khalif Abdulle. He’s 18 years old. And his story…is both harrowing and inspiring. Michelle Shephard reports.

In January the Star met Ismael Khalif Abdulle inside the guarded presidential compound in Mogadishu. Al Shabab, a group of Islamic insurgents aligned with Al Qaeda, had cut off his right hand and left foot in a barbaric public amputation, as a lesson to others who refused to join. He was 17 and his story touched a network of Somali-Canadians who spent the next 10 months working to get him out.

Two weeks ago, thanks to an elaborate underground network, Ismael escaped to Nairobi. TheStar spent a week with the overjoyed teenager as he experienced a bunch of firsts in his new life. But he’s not out of danger yet and now his supporters are trying to get him to Toronto hoping to give him a new life, and where he could speak out against the Shabab in an effort to reach the “homegrown” element seduced by the group.

Source:  The Star

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