Al-Shabab stoning men, women,children in Somalia

Halkaan ka akhri

Al-Shabab continues to stone men, women and children to death in Somalia. Recently a 13 year old Somali girl was stoned to death after being gang raped. The girl was buried in a hole up to her neck and then stoned to death by 50 men, while over a 1,000 spectators looked on.

Al-Shabab is a radical Islamist faction controlling much of the region in southern Somalia. Their brutal interpretation of Sharia law is responsible for multiple stonings in the last few months. Just last Tuesday Halima Ibrahim Abdurrahman, age 29, was stoned to death after having been convicted of adultery in a village called El-Bon.

Earlier this month Al-Shabab stoned a man to death for adultery, but spared his pregnant girlfriend until she gives birth. After she gives birth, she too will be stoned to death.

Somalia’s President, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, a moderate Islamist, accuses Al-Shabab of spoiling the image of Islam by killing people and harassing women:

“Their actions have nothing to do with Islam. They are forcing women to wear very heavy clothes, saying they want them to properly cover their bodies but we know they have economic interests behind – they sell these kinds of clothes and want to force people to buy them.”

Source: Examiner

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