Geneva: Red Cross voices concern over Somalia..

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GENEVA 29, May 2009 — The Red Cross on Friday said there had been a “sharp deterioration in the humanitarian situation” in Somalia after recent fighting that has displaced tens of thousands.

“The situation is a cause for major concern,” said Pascal Mauchle, who heads the International Committee for the Red Cross’ delegation for Somalia.

“In Somalia’s makeshift camps they don’t have suitable food and clean water. Insalubrious conditions put their already weakened health further at risk,” Mauchle added.

As the communities are already impoverished by years of armed conflict, chronic drought and the ongoing economic crises, the ICRC said they are unable to help others who have been displaced.

“Many of the displaced therefore remain without any protection, shelter, food or even utensils with which to prepare a meal,” said the ICRC.

Islamist fighters opposed to Somalia’s President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed launched their latest onslaught on May 7, vowing to topple his Western-backed government.

More than 200 people have been killed and some 62,000 Mogadishu residents have fled the clashes in the past 20 days. Sharif has been holed up in his presidential compound under the protection of African Union peacekeepers.

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