Ohio county baffled by costly calls to Somalia..

Halkaan ka akhri

An Ohio county has asked the FBI to find out who made scores of lengthy calls to Somalia at taxpayers’ expense. Telecommunications coordinator Bob Hall with the Erie County Emergency Management Agency says a person phoned a county agency’s voicemail system last month and was able to reroute more than 120 calls to Somalia, according to the Sandusky Register newspaper.

The county’s Department of Environmental Services was billed $212 for more than 20 hours of conversation.

At the time, the agency’s voicemail wasn’t password-protected, but Hall says that’s now fixed.

AT&T agreed to forgive the international calling charges.

Hall says the calls may have been rerouted through multiple locations, making them tough to trace. FBI spokesman Scott Wilson says he can’t comment on the investigation.

 Sourse AP


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