What Does Somalia Have That We Don’t?..

Halkaan ka akhri

Welcome to the official start of summer! Where to start?

How about we start with vacation! Turns out more of us are planning our vacations while we are at work, which is kinda funny, considering fewer of us have a) jobs, and b) money for vacation. A survey by staffing firm Randstad found that more than half the 2,065 adults surveyed admitted to making reservations and doing other vacation research while on the job. The younger you are, the more likely you’ve done this.

  • Randstad says 61 percent of Gen Y’ers planned vacation during work (18-to-30-year-olds).
  • 58 percent of Gen X’ers do it (30-to-45-year-olds).
  • 45 percent of Baby Boomers do it.
  • Women are much more likely than men to plan a trip on the job.

So, where to go for this year’s getaway? Some are suggesting…SOMALIA! This YouTube video claims (tongue-in-cheek) that Somalia is the perfect Libertarian getaway.

The video bases its premise on a completely serious article which claims, with a straight face, “Somalia has done very well for itself in the 15 years since its government was eliminated.” But beyond watching the video, read the litany of angry comments from Ron Paul fans and other Libertarians who rip it apart.

Old Storm Drain

Finally, there is one thing Somalia has on California–you won’t find wasteful redundancies in government! Instead, here in the Golden State, facing a $24 billion budget deficit, look at these two pictures. They are a small scale representation of a very big problem. The first one (the white one saying, “DRAINS TO CREEK, DON’T DUMP”) is on every storm drain in my Southern California community.

New Storm Drain

Nearly every city in the state has markers like this. However, these white markers have just been joined by expensive stamped metal markers, seen here in the second photo saying “NO DUMPING, DRAINS TO CREEK”, each bearing an ID number which probably leads to a huge bureaucratic state spreadsheet tracking storm drains. Bottom line: one storm drain warning marker isn’t enough. Each drain needs two. And they need to be numbered! Anarchy does have its upside.

Sourse CNBC


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