Somalia blames Kenya for Hassan D. Aweys return.

Halkaan ka akhri

Somalia has accused a Kenyan airline of taking opposition leader Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys back to Mogadishu from Asmara in Eritrea. 

In a Thursday statement, Mogadishu accused Nairobi of aiding the terror suspect, who has alleged links with al-Qaeda.

According to Somali officials, a commercial plane owned by the Nairobi-based Capital Airlines carried Aweys and six associates back to Somalia.

Somali ambassador to Kenya, Mohammed Ali Nour, told Press TV he has lodged a complaint to Kenya’s foreign ministry.

“The Kenyan government promised to look into the issue,” he said and expressed hope that Kenya would respect the aviation agreement between the two states.

Aweys, who opposes the current government in Mogadishu, has spent two years in the Eritrean capital in self-imposed exile.

His return has escalated the violence in Somalia between anti- and pro-government forces.

According to Press TV correspondent, five persons were killed and a military vehicle was seized on Thursday from anti-government forces in the town of Mahaday.

Another 10 civilians were also killed during mortar attacks in the Daynile district, he added.

Sourse Press TV

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