Sheikh Shariif oo Shirka Brüssels ka sheegay inuu ka xun yahay dhibaatada ay geysanayaan Burcad Badeeda ka jirta Xeebaha Soomaaliya.


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Halkaan ka akhri

War ay fafiyeen Wakaaladaha wararka ee reer Yuruub ayaa sheegaya in Sheikh Shariif Sheikh Axmed uu ka hadlay Shirka Magaalada Brussels ee ay isugu yimaadeen Wadamada Deeqda Bixiya, deeqna loogu aruurinayo Dowladda Islaamiga KMG Soomaaliyeed.


Warku wuxuu intaas ku darayaa in Madaxweyne Sheikh Shariif uu sheegay inuu aad uga xun yahay falalka  ay Burcad Badeedu ka wado Xeebaha dalka Soomaaliya, wuxuuna ku tilmamanay in ay xumeynayso Sumcadda Shacabka Soomaaliyeed.


Madaxweyne Sheikh Shariif oo hadal  ka jeediyay Furitaankii Shirka  ayaa ku sheegay in Burcad Badeedu ay lidi ku yihiin amaba ku ahaayeen Amaanka dalka Soomaaliya mudo dheer, wuxuuna dalbay in laga gacan siiyo sidii loo dhisi lahaa Hey’adaha Dowladiisa si a wax uga qabtaan, wuxuuna Sheikh Shariif sheegay in falalka ay Burcad Badeedu sameyso ay kor u kaceen wixii ka dambeeyay markii Maraakiibta Dagaalka loo soo diray Xeebaha dalka Soomaaliya.


Sidoo kale Madaxweyne Sheikh Shariif  waxaa uu Beesha Caalamka ka codsaday in ay ka saacido sidii ay Dowladda KMG ah u dhisan lahayd ciidamada Amaanka, wuxuuna carabaabay in Shacabka Soomaaliyeed uu halakeeyay Dagaalo sokeeye loona baahan yahay in Xaalada wax laga qabto.


Dhinaca kale Ban Ki Mon oo Shir Saxaadeed qabtay ka hor intii uusan Shirka furmin ayaa shegay in sida lagu soo celin karo Amniga iyo Xasiloonida dalka Soomaaliya ay lagama maarmaan tahay in laga guul gaaro arimaha dib u heshiisiinta ayna u sii jirto Dowlada Islaamiga Soomaaliyeed, wuxuuna Ban Ki-Mon sheegay in arimahaas sidii lagu gaari lahaa loo baahan yahay shaqo dheer  oo arintaas lagu xaqiijinayo.


SomaliSwiss Brüssels



“We will not end piracy on the high seas of Somalia unless we bring development to the towns and villages”

International conference on Somalia Brussels, 23 April 2009

I am delighted to welcome you to the European Commission for this most important conference. Important for Somalia; important for the region; and important for the international community as a whole.

The eyes of the media are upon us, not least because of the piracy crisis. The recent acts of piracy – which I condemn unreservedly, on behalf of the European Commission – are a major wake up call to the international community.

But it would be wrong to limit our response simply to the piracy itself: we must remember that it is the symptom, not the cause, of a much deeper problem in Somalia. My message to you today is that we will not end piracy on the high seas of Somalia unless we bring real and sustainable development to the towns and villages of Somalia.

If you open any world newspaper in these days, you could be forgiven for believing that there is no good news at all in Somalia. I applaud the efforts of the Somali Administration to ensure that the government is truly inclusive and representative of the people of Somalia, and I admire the President for taking the government back to Mogadishu. It was great to see the inaugural session of the Parliament just last month in Mogadishu for the first time since 2002. Your Excellency, the determination of your President to take command of the process gives us hope for the future.

So following Security Council Resolution 1863, there are positive developments, and here let me also here pay tribute to the efforts of UN Secretary General Ban-Ki-Moon; to your Special Representative Ould Abdallah, and – if I may – also to Louis Michel and others in the European Union for their unstinting efforts. The European Commission is in fact the single major donor at $85 million, and the European Union as a whole contributes almost half of the total aid.

Of course, a lot of what has happened is not positive, and it would be wrong to pretend otherwise. Piracy, violence and lawlessness continue to plague the land and of course the seas of Somalia. Those that choose this path must not succeed. They must not stand in the way of the best chance in two decades – to give Somalia a future.

The immediate objective of the conference here today is the full funding of Somalia’s security sector for the next 12 months. This conference will be primarily judged on this – and here, let me assure you, the EU in general and the European Commission in particular, will not be found lacking. We can and must fund security, development, and humanitarian needs. We must have effective Somali security forces, we must have an effective Somali police force. We will support the re-creation of the Somali state and the renovation of its institutions.

But to be very frank with you, the high level participation at this conference makes it evident that we have a deeper purpose in being here. We are here to put Somalia back on track in the longer term, and I fully support this objective. The Somali people, grossly abused, deprived of their fundamental human rights, deserve a better deal.

The presence of the Somali Government here today at senior level is a powerful signal of the transitional government’s intention to take command of this process. Across all Somalia, there must be responsible government, of the people and for the people. An end to warlordism, and an end to piracy, an end to years of profiteering by a self- appointed politico-military caste.

So let today’s conference also begin to respond, in a fundamental way, to the daunting challenges faced by the Somali authorities in bringing back stability and peace to their country. Security is the starting point, but it cannot be the end-point. Pledges made today to meet the needs in the security sector should not overlook the needs for development. The only real and viable solution is to help Somalia from within: by pooling international efforts and supporting the new Government to build security, peace and stability.

Today’s conference must lay the foundations for a brighter future for the people of Somalia. A Somalia where universal human rights are respected in law, and applied throughout the land. A land where sailors profit from fishing and legal trade, not from piracy. A land where both the highways and the high seas are safe. A Somalia which is a strong and responsible regional player in a peaceful Horn of Africa. A democratic and proud Somalia which we look forward to welcoming back as a full member of the international community.

Of course there is a long way to go before we reach these bold objectives, but the path to that destination starts here.

So thank you all for coming today. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, thank you for your tremendous work in uniting with the African Union and the League of Arab States to call this meeting today. I declare this meeting open, and invite you, Sir, to address us with your vision for the future of Somalia.

SomaliSwiss Brüssels

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