Radical Islamic Aweys exile returns to Somalia..

Halkaan ka akhri

A radical Islamic opposition leader Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys has returned to Somalia after three years in exile. His group used to control most of Somalia. Eventually he was driven out by Ethiopian troops. The Muslim leader was once an ally of the current president Sharif Ahmen. Washington believes he has links to al-Qaeda and he is on the US list of terrorists.

An international donor conference for Somalia is being held in Brussels today. The United Nations hopes to raise 150 million euros at the talks. The European Commission has promised 60 million euros. The Netherlands is donating 1.4 million euros to train African Union peace troops for the AMISOM mission in Somalia.

Aid organisation Oxfam Novib says 3.2 million Somalis need urgent assistance. Piracy off the Somali coast is also high on the agenda.

Sourse Radio Netherlands


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