The Italian Minister for Foreign Affairs Franco Frattini meets his Somali counterpart, Mohamed Abdulladi Omaar.


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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Rome The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Franco Frattini, met the Somali Foreign Minister, Mohamed Abdullahi Omaar, at the foreign ministry in Rome today. The meeting is evidence of the Italian Government’s renewed efforts to foster the pacification of Somalia, which has been torn apart by 18 years of civil war. It also testifies to the role that Somalia ascribes to Italy in the Horn of Africa.

During their cordial meeting the two foreign ministers examined the situation in Somalia in light of the prospects opened up by new Somali government of “national unity” for a resumption of the peace process. Minister Frattini strongly encouraged his colleague to continue the pacification process through a government that is “inclusive” and open to those opposition forces who thus far have seemed to oppose the peace process opened by the Djibouti agreements of August 2008.

For his part, the Somali Foreign Minister assured Minister Frattini of his commitment to the pacification of his country, with due respect for human rights and religious tolerance.

Minister Frattini then raised the question of piracy, and the European commitment to combat it. This has led to the first ESPD naval operation against piracy, ATLANTA Somalia, to which Italy has also contributed.

To tackle the humanitarian crisis afflicting Somalia, Minister Frattini has issued instruction for an aid flight carrying supplies for Somali refugees in the Galgaduud region (70km from Mogadishu, the capital). The flight will be leaving soon from Brindisi airport.

Since early 2009 Italy has provided aid amounting to 6 million euros, mainly to support Somalia’s institutions and the peace process.

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