President Al-Assad Stresses the Necessity for the Summit to Come Up with Decisions that Help Reconciliation in Somalia.


Halkaan ka akhri


Doha, Mar 30, 2009 – President Bashar Al-Assad met with Somali President, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmad, on the sideline of the 21st Arab Summit Conference in Doha.

President Al-Assad underlined the necessity for the summit to come up with decisions supporting the reconciliation efforts in Somalia, and help achieving stability in it, and for finding an Arab solution to the problem of piracy and not allowing other non Arab bodies which might have different purposes.

The meeting dealt with the topics on the agenda of the Doha Summit and the latest developments in Somalia, where Sheikh Ahmad stressed launching the correct form of reconciliation among all the Somali parties.

The meeting was attended by Foreign Minister, Walid Moallem and Presidential Political and Media Advisor, Butheina Shaaban and Somali Foreign Minister Mohammed Abdullah Oomer.

Source: A.N.Idelbi


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