AU Gives One Million Dollars to Somalia..

Halkaan ka akhri

Mogadishu — The African Union has given to Somalia one million dollars to support the government to rebuild its national security forces, officials said on Monday.

The AU envoy to Somalia Nicholas Bwakira held a press conference with the prime minister in the presidential palace on Monday and said they have given the money to the Somali government to build its national security forces to stabilize the country.

Nicholas Bwakira told the cabinet and the prime minister that money will be contributed to Somalia in a meeting that will be held in Brussels on 22 of April this year.

“We have been holding meetings with the president and the prime minister for the last two days to give 1 million dollars to the government , so the government can build its national security forces,” said Nicholas Bwakira.

Prime Minister Sharmarke said they will build strong national security forces to facilitate the withdrawal of AMISOM.

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