Calm Returns to Warring Zones in Mogadishu..


Halkaan ka akhri

Mogadishu 29 March 2009 — Calm has returned in parts of Yaqshid district in the Somali capital Mogadishu where fighting between Islamist insurgents was continuing in over the past two days that killed at least three civilians there, witnesses said on Saturday.

It is unclear the casualties reached both the rival fighters who fought in Fagah intersection in Yaqshid district in Mogadishu but reports say that at least three civilians were killed and 32 others were injured in the fighting.

It is not known actually where the two warring forces descended and the reason of their fighting but residents told Shabelle media that both the rival forces are member of the Islamist insurgents in the Somali capital Mogadishu.

Residents near fagah and the police station of Yaqshid district began to displace from their houses for the fear of another fighting that breaks out between the two sides of the fighting who are still in their positions in the district.

No one stood for the mediation of these rival forces and there are no peace efforts due to solve the disagreement between both the Islamist fighters who are against each other in the capital Mogadishu.

On the other hand calm has returned in Bardhere town in Gedo region in southern Somalia where fighting between forces of the Islamic administration of al-Shabab and other forces loyal to the Islamic organization of Ahlu Sunna Waljama’a that caused casualties there.

Abdukadir Yusuf Aar, one of the Islamic administration of al-Shabab in Bardhere town called for the people in the town to be calm and be a alert on what every can that bring instability and reopen their business centers in the town.

Mr. Aar accused those who are against them work with the Ethiopians adding that they captured an armed man who was in the fighting and injured in the war adding that they will bring him before the court for the following days.

The Islamic administration of al-Shabab in Bardhere town condemned that yesterday’s fighting was behind by the government soldiers backing by Ethiopian officers in parts of Gedo region saying that they are going to create instability in the region.

There is no comment that came out from the government officials in the region yet about the accusations suggested that they were the mastermind of the fighting in the Gedo region in southern Somalia.

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